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Needed something to do with myself tonight, so I made icons. Mostly Chidi; some Eleanor, Tahani & Jianyu, Tahani/Eleanor. Use freely, please credit.

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What does everybody think about the comment-from-your-feed-page update?

[Poll #2064300]
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According to the plum tree in our back garden, spring has sprung. I shall adjust my default icon accordingly.
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1. someone from PriceWaterhouseCooper

2. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway

3. whoever decided the best pair of presenters for the top award would be two people whose combined age is slightly younger than the moon, one of whom also almost never makes public appearances

(actually not sure about the order of #2 and #3)

okay okay

Feb. 18th, 2017 12:03 am
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Who wants to have a spoiler-filled talk about the first season of The Good Place!?!??
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For the [ profile] slashthedrabble theme "Debt" I wrote an actual one-hundred-words drabble, because what kind of KRZ fan would I be if I let that prompt go by without writing something for it.
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Hey, I only vaguely know what this post via [ profile] freaky_nea says, but I know I have some German-speakers on here, so you should check this out! It's a Deutsche ficathon that goes for, uh, three whole sätze! I spent two months in Germany and I can say "where's the bathroom" but I won't understand what you say when you answer

Kommt zu und tobt euch aus! Alle Fandoms, alle Pairings, jede*r kann mitmachen!
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[x-posted from my tumblr with light editing for clarity and local style conventions]

Today has me wondering: What if we made a sustained public push on the Mexico City Rule/Global Gag Rule, which has reliably flipped on and off each time the White House switched parties since Reagan instituted it and which most people still don't even know about? Like, what if the feminist marchers went back to the streets soon, which I think most of us have been eager to do since we got home Saturday, and — instead of “make the next march about releasing his taxes” as some fucking dude on twitter is trying to suggest because obviously these were just arbitrary assemblies of people that you can use for whatever and not people showing up about reproductive justice, immigration justice, protecting religious and racial minorities from violence, standing with sexual assault survivors, fucking global intersectional feminist concerns, no it was just about having a march against everything like we were goddamn Occupy or something and you can just decide what the “next march” is about now that we’ve done that woman thing —


What if we were to come back on, let’s say, the 21st of next month, to hold demonstrations specifically about the Global Gag Rule? I wasn’t born yesterday, I know it wouldn’t cause the GOP to actully flip their position on this policy any more than the health care rallies are gonna get the new guy to look up what Obamacare actually is and does. But what it can do is bring the issue to the wider public in a way that it generally hasn’t been, and show legislators across parties that Americans are paying attention and holding them accountable for how this discriminatory aid policy harms people around the world.

Are there any groups already working on public demonstrations about this here in the U.S.? I’m gonna look around, but let me know if you know about anything.
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Everybody take a minute and let yourself feel the pride and strength in this. Feminism is alive and feminism is global and feminism is for everybody. No matter what happens, we did this and nobody can take it away.

My partner and I went to San Jose, which wasn't our closest march, but things get kind of...wild at protests in Oakland and San Francisco so we decided to go a little farther afield to spend the day at one of the "small" satellite marches -- just 25,000 ish, all told. (From everything I've heard, it went fine in Oakland and San Francisco too, because women are better at activism and planning, but it was probably still a good call to take the field trip, because really dense crowds aren't really either of our forte.)

Did you go? How was your experience?
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I see a lot of people right now, especially in the facebook threads of journalists and Democratic politicians, saying, "What can we do?" Not rhetorically, but as a real question — faced with a completely malicious, inept, and violent head of government and a congressional Republican majority to sign off on his impulses regardless of what any opposition legislators may do to resist, what is the individual American to do?

So this is some of my personal answer, copy-and-pasted from a reply I made on tumblr to one of the news stories relating to the parade of cabinet appointees who don't know what their agency does and are opposed to its existence:

this is real, guys – there’s kind of not going to be a federal government after the handover. there’s NOBODY in the driver’s seat.

please get educated about your state and local governments, about all the institutions that exist on those levels to help you and your community – especially things like health services, emergency preparedness, anywhere that people are going to really get hurt when the bottom drops out of the federal government’s support.

I know these are hard words especially if you live in a really fucked state, but it’s one of the things that are incumbent on us now. we already know what happens when life-or-death challenges meet inept federal agencies run by unqualified nepotism hires: if you’re not old enough to remember Hurricane Katrina, look it up.

I know, we're Americans, we're ambitious, we want to fix everything, preferably with a big speech in the third act of the movie and then we kiss and everyone applauds. But we have to locate our power where it is. This is a country of 350 million people. Power is centralized and distributed. We cannot spend every day measuring ourselves against the impossible task of saving our federal institutions from catastrophe. We can strengthen our communities. We can lobby our state legislators, governors, mayors, city councilmembers, and whatever kind of weird shit you guys in New England always seem to have where normal states have the aforementioned. We can support the many, many politicians at those levels who are already working to protect our communities from the promised disasters of the incoming federal government.

The other big part of my own planning for this administration is picking a focus. Again, there are 350 million people in this country. We can specialize. In fact, we have to. Every day will be a new set of outrages, but the only way we can get through this is to choose where to focus our energy so that we do not live in a psychological state of perpetual crisis, because that's exactly where they want us to live, because when you're in constant full-on emergency it's really hard to get anything done and to maintain human relationships.

My personal through-line cause in the coming years is gender-based violence, for what I imagine are obvious reasons. If you're looking for resources with the same focus at the state, territory, or tribal level near you, there's a handy list on For now there is, anyway. I saved a PDF, since the incoming administration proposes to close the Office on Violence Against Women among other things.

I'm lucky, insofar as a queer trans survivor with disabilities living in the US right now can be said to be lucky; I live in California, which is basically its own country. Our economy can withstand whatever happens better than most other states'. Being here doesn't make us safe from the hate crimes but it gives us better protection under the law than a lot of places. Governor Brown seems comfortable with his unasked-for and unwanted new role as kind of being the President of California, and his likely successor is Gavin Newsom who's a little annoying but reliably liberal and will probably do well in the job too.

(I mean, unless the GOP decides to just throw out the sitting Democratic governor because they feel like it again, the way they did with Gray Davis. That could happen. But I think the state has gotten more reliably blue in the years since then, so IDK if they'd feel it was a safe bet to spend all that money on nowadays.)
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Hello, Purimgifts writer! First of all, thank you for being my Purimgifts writer! <3

If you've already clicked over here you may have seen how my prior Dear Author posts declined to a scribble as 2016 wore on. I'm still more used to the old era of fandom and I remember when the letters were an odd new thing that some yuletide participants started doing. I don't want you to feel stressed about this exchange for lack of information, though, so I'll repeat what I said for GenEx: Honestly, I'm easy. Have fun. In the carnival spirit, even my usual objection to not-the-canon-setting AUs is lifted, so if your plot bunnies are crying out for Mon Mothma and Jyn Erso, Rival Bloggers Who Fall In Love? Absolutely go for it.

I signed up for this particular exchange because--well, firstly of course, to be there for and with my Jewish neighbors in fandom especially in the current climate--and because 2016 was so horrible on most imaginable levels and 2017 is pretty well guaranteed to be even worse, so I felt it would be a good thing to help bring some more happiness, fun, kindness, maybe ridiculousness into this awful winter. (I don't know if it's winter where you are, but here in the northern hemisphere it's winter and we need lots of light and bright colors to deal with it psychologically.) I know that the set of fandoms we might be matched on vary widely in their...conduciveness to fun, and might top out at something more like warmth-and-some-kind-of-hopefulness (or just crack, crack is fine too). See above. Bring yourself joy. Hit me up anonymously through the usual channels if I can answer any questions for you.
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A small new fic, written for [ profile] slashthedrabble prompt #429: "Déjà Vu" (a prompt tailor-made for this fandom if there ever was one).

Title: Reflection
Fandom: Westworld (HBO)
Pairing: Robert Ford/Arnold Weber
Rating: PG
Word count: 400
Notes: This stands alone, but is planned to be part of a linked series of short-short fics. Also, it will not make any sense unless you have watched all of the first season of Westworld. I'm serious. Turn back now if you haven't watched this show and you aren't into being both spoiled and confused.

Comments welcome here or on AO3.

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Well I laughed, of course: a grim joke but an awfully funny one. "That Ross, I tell you, that Ross! You go too far, Ross. It’s funny … in its … awful way, but it’s way overboard, Ross!" so, I shook my head and laughed – at the awfulness of it, the absurdity, the awfulness; some things are so awful you have to laugh – and then I listened to myself laughing, and I began to wonder why I was – laughing. "It’s not funny when you come right down to it, Ross." Why was I laughing? And just like that (snaps her fingers) I stopped; I stopped laughing. I realised – probably in the way if you suddenly fell off a building – "oh shit! I’ve fallen off a building and I’m going to die; I’m going to go splat on the sidewalk"; like that – that it wasn’t a joke at all.
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SPX reveals are up and I realized I never remembered to post about my gift here--I'll just copy from my tumblr rec:

My secret July santa zorana wrote I Remember (Finn/Poe, rated M, part 1 of a series!) and it’s full of rich worldbuilding, themes of cultural memory and resistance under the brutality of the Dark Side, swell cameos, Poe’s mooooom!--just go read it, I really appreciate what they did with the plot and I don’t want to spoil it with too much detail. I haven’t done a fic exchange in forever; what a treat to come back to a gift made with such obvious care.

(And after you read my lovely gift, check out the collection to see what else catches your eye! There’s a ton of variety for such a small fest. Makes me proud to be a Star Wars. :) )
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Hi! Sorry, I, uh, kind of forgot to actually finish writing my Dear Author letter after I put the placeholder up. The good news is, honestly I'm easy. I really just want you to have fun working on this, do something that interests you. Please don't do anything real mean or depressing. No judgement, it's just not what I'm into for a summer fest. Canon-typical violence is OK.

I'm pretty sure my most liked and most hated things in the fandoms I requested are on prominent display if you take a quick dip in the posts I have tagged with those fandoms on tumblr ("most hated" might be especially prominent if we matched on Hannibal) (sorry) (there might be more positivity in my AO3 bookmarks). I don't like mundane AUs but I don't mind canon divergence one bit.

Have a great time, drop me a note if there's anything you want to check with me on, and thank you for being in the fest! I'll see you on the other side!
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You should write me little fanfics, here are some ideas

(Or you could write me little prompts and I'll try to write you a fanfic! Hobbit style!)
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